Our prices

Entry to the Leisure Park is free!

Basic prices

(3-14 year)
(14-99 year)
1 slide / person
HUF 1 099
HUF 1 299
6 slides
HUF 5 999
HUF 7 499
12 slides
HUF 10 999
HUF 12 999

„Slide” is meant per person, not per coaster cart!

For security reasons, children under the age of 3 are not granted admission to the tracks, not even under supervision!

Family packages

32 slides
HUF 29 999
44 slides
HUF 44 999
60 slides
HUF 54 999
most popular

Our family packages are intended for families that consist of two adults and two children, but they are generally available for families of all sizes. Each package on offer includes adult’s and children’s tickets in even distribution. These can be split up among senior and junior members of the family.

The 60 slides package, for instance, includes 30 slides for adults and 30 slides for children, which leaves each child with as many as 15 slides, if there are two children – and fair parenting most of all – in the team. By the same dynamics, if a team has three children in it, each child may have 10 slides.

Although our packages are called “family” by reference, we will never ask you to prove that you belong together. Guests, friends and foes are welcome to unite under your banner!

When buying a package offer, you won’t be entitled to further discounts, nor can you redeem any voucher. We appreciate your understanding!

Group prices

(3-14 year)
HUF 799 / person
(14-99 year)
HUF 999 / person

For groups of over 15!
Group guides may be eligible for a limited number of free passes.

Adventure Trails

„Little Vuk” path
beginners' trail for children
HUF 3 000 / person
„Karak” path
advanced trail for children
HUF 4 000 / person
„Zsigmondy” path
beginners' adventure trail for adults
HUF 3 000 / person
„Spotted” path for families
doubled adventure trail for beginners
HUF 4 000 / person
„Koppány” path
adult’s advanced adventure trail
HUF 5 000 / person
„Kövesdy” memorial path
expert trail for adults
HUF 7 000 / person
„Nimród” path
professional adventure trail for adults
HUF 9 000 / person
Panorama path
adult’s advanced adventure trail
HUF 6 500 / person
Long "Nimród" path
professional adventure trail for adults
HUF 10 000 / person

Climbing Tower

1 climb / person
HUF 2000


1 slide / person
HUF 2000


10 shots / person
HUF 2000

Remote controlled vehicles

RC car
HUF 2000 / 5 min
RC boat
HUF 2000 / 5 min

Paintball & Children's Paintball

Paintball, 200 pcs. of ammo
HUF 7 000 / person
Paintball target shooting, 50 pcs. of ammo
HUF 1 750 / person
Lasertag, 1 hour
HUF 4 500 / person
Airsoft target shooting, 50 pcs. of ammo
HUF 1 750 / person


1st 30 min. further 15 mins
HUF 1 199 / person
HUF 599 / person

The prices of children’s tickets are not minute-based, so you have to pay a minimum amount of HUF 1,199 even if your child stays in the Playhouse for less than half an hour. Furthermore, at the moment when the child starts a new quarter hour, a further HUF 599 is added to the sum.

Group guides

1st guide further group guides
Group guides
HUF 599 / person

Group prices (–50% !)

1 hour 2 hours
Over 15 persons
HUF 1 199 / person
HUF 2 399 / person

Group prices are available only to groups organized by institutions (nurseries, kindergartens and schools up to the age of 12)!

Frequently Asked Questions

Gyakran ismételt kérdések

What is the age limit for sliding?
No one under the age of 3 is allowed to slide!
Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied in the cart by a person who is at least 8 years old AND taller than 135 cm.
We will not require any proof of age. We believe you, but please do not abuse our trust.
(This also means: if your child is 2 years and 11 months old, but you are confident that they are smart enough to ride the coaster, let’s go then!)
How many of us fit into a coaster cart?
Each cart is fit for two sliders. Anyone above the age of 3 can use the slides, but children under 8 must always be accompanied by a person who is at least 8 years of age. Even two adults are permitted to slide in a single cart.
Then two kids can slide for the price of HUF 599 and two adults can slide for the price of HUF 699, is that right?
WRONG! Prices are displayed as prices per person rather than prices per coaster cart. Two children can slide together at the price of HUF 1,198 Ft, while one adult and one child can slide together at the price of HUF 1,298 Ft.
What does it mean that you are free to split slides on a multi-slides pass?
What we mean here is that multi-slides passes are not restricted to a single person. Should you, for example, choose to buy a 12 slides multi-slides children’s pass, then two kids will have six slides each. Similarly, three kids will have four slides each. And so on...
Can I use my slides for both tracks?
Certainly! Tickets and multi-slides passes may be used for either of the tracks. Of course, if you are using a pass, you can mix your slides in any manner of your liking.
Who will qualify as a child?
Under the age of 14, you can use a children’s ticket to slide, while you will need an adult’s ticket to slide if you are over 14. No, we won’t ask you for any proof of age, admission is totally based on your declaration. Make sure you don’t get busted if your 13-year-old boy has a beard the size of Gandalf’s.
For how long can I use my slides?
All tickets and passes are valid on the day of purchase only.


Ha bemutatod az alábbi kártyák valamelyikét, 6 vagy 12 csúszásos bérlet vásárlása esetén +1 csúszást kapsz ajándékba!

(Egy-egy megvásárolt bérlethez maximum egy-egy ajándék csúszást adunk, ezért elegendő az alábbi kártyák egyikét bemutatnod!)

Cards accepted

When paying for slide tickets, passes and family packages we accept the following types of payment cards:

All prices expressed in Hungarian forints and include VAT at the current rate. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Tickets and multi-slide tickets are valid for BOTH COASTER TRACKS.

Using the alpine coaster is only possible with valid ticket or multi-slide ticket and over the age of 3.

Children under the age of 8 may only use the coaster if a person above the age of 8 AND taller than 135 cm accompanies them.

Load capacities of the coaster carts are 150 kg.

All tickets are ONLY valid on the day of purchase. Child tickets are valid until the age of 14. Getting out of the coaster cart at the end of the rack is mandatory and you have to stand in line with multi-slide ticket too. Please read and obey the regulations. By buying a ticket you acknowledge and accept the regulations and the safety rules. We cannot take responsibility for those who do not comply with the rules. We cannot accept any complaint after you have left the cash desk. In case you wish to ask for an invoice, please notify the staff thereof in advance. We may not accept your request afterwards. Thank you for your understanding.