Free playground

Closed. Opening tomorrow at 10:00
Opening hours:

Coaster tracks:

Every day: 09:00-20:00

▶︎ Regardless of the actual weather!
▶︎ In case of bad weather, we put rain shields on the carts!

Indoor Playhouse

Every day: 10:00-19:00

Free lookout tower:

Every day: 09:30-19:00

Free playground:

Every day: 09:30-19:00

Free fitness park:

Every day: 09:30-19:00

bob appetit! grill Terrace:

Monday: closed
Tuesday: closed
Wednesday: closed
Thursday: closed
Friday: 10:00-18:00
Saturday: 10:00-18:00
Sunday: 10:00-17:00

bob appetit! café

Every day: 10:00-19:00

Souvenir shop:

Every day: 09:00-20:00

"Sherpa" adventure park:

On weekdays: closed
On weekends: 10:00-17:00

Groups are welcome at other times too, subject to prior arrangement!
Learn more: +36 20 373 7321


On weekdays: closed
On weekends: 09:00-18:00

Groups are welcome at other times too, subject to prior arrangement!
Learn more: +36 30 392 2317

999 Ft / főtől


1. félóra további negyedórák
Gyerekjegy 999 Ft / fő 499 Ft / fő
1. kísérő további kísérők
Kísérőjegy 0 Ft 499 Ft / fő

A gyerekjegy árak megkezdett fél- ill. negyedórára vonatkoznak. Minimálisan fizetendő összeg: 999 Ft/gyermek.

8184 Balatonfűzfő, Uszoda u. 2.
From Budapest
M7, EXIT 90
From Siófok
ROAD #710 OR #71
From Balatonfüred

The playground is situated in a beautiful park stretching over 5000 square metres, embraced by the two coaster tracks. Under the shady trees there are more than twenty playground items, including giant slides, climbing frames, swings and turnabouts, engaging the attention of even the naughtiest kids, which makes this area a truly whine-free zone. The playground comes with a mini adventure park and a mini zip line too, offering amusement for babies and toddlers alike. By establishing the playground we wanted to benefit families with small babies, since they can bring along their smallest who are not yet able to take a ride on the alpine coaster! Don’t forget that the entry to BalatoniBob Leisure Park is free and you are not compelled to slide either – you just need to make sure you hit the road all together and make a proper family getaway at our free open-air facilities! As for dads, we have free WIFI...